Spartan Mowers RCZ154KA SZCZ154691KR

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The King of the Grass series combines all the best features of a commercial zero turn mower with a stand-on unit to work better, faster, smoother, and is more comfortable with its sit-behind seat. Just lean back against the seat with your feet on the soft-ride platform, and place your knees against the Dymetrol® angled bolster. King of the Grass Stand-Up offerings include the KG Pro (with Parker HTE 10cc transmissions) and KG XD (with Parker HTJ 12cc transmissions) and with 54" and 61" deck options. With a 100-300 lb Operator Platform, dual 6 gallon fuel tanks, Parker Hydros, magnetic pin height adjustment, and the lean-in bolster, these are a few reasons these mowers are a commercial cutter's dream come true.

Width Weight Height Depth
0 Inch 1321 Pound 0 Inch 0 Inch